Why is motorhoming in fashion?

Did you know that the pandemic situation has increased the motorhome rental? The summer, the opening of borders and the advanced level of vaccination have helped this increase. But above all, motorhomes have become one of the best options for travelling mong Spaniards in these times of pandemic. Do you want to discover why travelling by motorhome is fashionable? Stay with us and find out.



Perhaps this is the most important factor, especially because of COVID. We do not want to live with other people in a hotel, and we prefer to live with friends or relatives, who are in our contact zone. The advantage of motorhomes is that you will always be with people you know.



Motorhomes are equipped with a small kitchenThe campervan is the perfect place to eat all your meals as you please. You don't have to go to restaurants or eat at the hotel, the motorhome will be like your mini-cottage!


Gracias a las autocaravanas puedes ir a donde quieras, disfrutar nuevos destinos, conocer gente, costumbres… ¡vivirás mil aventuras! Y siempre decidiréis vosotros vuestra ruta. Eso sí, ¡poneos de acuerdo!


For everyone

Another factor that makes motorhomes fashionable, is that it is a place for everyone. Whether you are travelling as a family, with friends, as a couple or with children. Motorhomes are suitable for everyone!

alquilar autocaravana en Cádiz


And we cannot exclude this factor from our list of why travelling by motorhome is fashionable. Thanks to motorhomes you could go and do whatever you want. If you like nature and having fun, we recommend a getaway in a motorhome. We warn you, get hooked!

And this is the end of our post about why travelling by motorhome is fashionable. Remember that if you want renting a motorhome in Cádiz and surroundings, you can count on our services. We will be happy to help you!