What do you need to consider before setting off in a motorhome?

We update the blog of Nomad Caravaning, as we do every month to share with you tips and recommendations for travelling by motorhome in Cádiz. Last month we talked about must-have accessories in a motorhome, and today we would like to focus on what you should consider before setting off with a motorhome.

As with any getaway, the preparation and planning of the trip is important, but even more so with a motorhome. Bear in mind that for a while your motorhome will be like a house, but with wheels. Let's get started!


Reliable motorhome rental company

If you are going to rent a motorhome, it is best that you do it with a reliable company. At Nomad Caravaning we are a company with experience in the sector and with a wide range of motorhomes. We can help you with any queries or problems you may have, and we want you to have a unique experience!


A good insurance

Fundamental. You should always have a good insurance policy for your vehicle. The best is one that specialises in motorhomes. Nomad Caravaning rates include fully comprehensive insurance with excess* and 24h roadside assistance for passengers and vehicles in Spain and Europe*. Because the safety of our clients is the most important thing for us (*).See conditions)


Updated documentation

Check that your ID card, passport and driving licence are still valid. Some communities may take too long to renew them, so be proactive and be ahead of schedule.


Review cupboards, food and drink

Check your luggage well: warm clothes, summer clothes, shoes, etc. And of course, food and drink. Ideally, you should also have a good stock of tinned food or ready meals - you never know!


Looking forward to adventures!

And that concludes our list of what you should consider before setting off with a motorhome. If you like adventure, it's time to travel by motorhome.

Say YES to New Adventures!