Where to sleep with a motorhome?

We are sure that there are many of you who are planning your summer holidays and are encouraged renting a motorhome in Cádiz and surroundings.. In Nomad Caravaning, motorhome rental company, We would like to share with you some places to sleep with a motorhome, and some tips for overnight stays. Are you ready? Continue reading our article, and don't miss all the information we have for you.


Tips for staying overnight with a motorhome

  • The first thing to bear in mind is that you must stay in a place where you are allowed to sleep with a motorhome. Remember: parking is not the same as camping.

  • Don't forget to save the location of the vehicle. One trick we can give you is to use GPS to save your location along with your coordinates. This way, in case of an emergency, they will be able to locate you easily.

  • Choose a place that gives you a sense of security. Normally, places where other motorhomes are already parked make a better impression. You can also check if you have cities, towns or other areas around you. In case of an emergency, you will never be alone.


Where can I sleep with a motorhome? 

Here are some places where you can relax with your motorhome:


There is a wide variety of campsites in Spain. It will be easy to choose a place that allows you to spend the night with a motorhome. You can choose to park there and enjoy a few days of camping holidays. You can also make occasional stops there, to go sightseeing and continue discovering new places.


Motorhome service area

There are specific areas dedicated to motorhomes, so you won't have any problem sleeping in them. They can be guarded areas, and even have timetables. Study the conditions of the area well before deciding on one.


Motorhome reservation portal

There are websites that share all the places permitted for motorhomes to spend the night. This type of portal makes it much easier to plan the trip. We will know in advance where we can sleep and even offer the possibility of booking.  At Nomad Caravaning we recommend Áreas Autocaravanas, one of the largest portals for motorhome sites.


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