Everything you need to know before renting a caravan

At Nomad Caravaning,we have no doubt that Cádiz is one of the most beautiful provinces in our country. Likewise, we are convinced that the best way to visit its most precious natural places is renting a caravan.

Certainly, these vehicles are synonymous of freedom and independence for most of the people, but the reality is that before starting this kind of trip, some aspects must be taken into account to ensure maximum safety and fun.As we well know, many of you are looking renting a motorhome in Cádizwith the arrival of high temperatures, that’s the reason why we want to remind you that we have the best models and the necessary experience to make your route unforgettable. There we go!


Regulations and tips for traveling by caravan


You don't need a specific driving license

Contrary to what many people may think, if you want to rent and enjoy a caravan, you are not required to have a specific license for it. In fact, the driving license B for passenger cars allows you to drive a vehicle of this type, as long as the trailer does not exceed 750 kilos, the caravan does not exceed 3,500 kilos and the nine seats for the passengers.However, the ideal way to start getting used to it is making short trips before embarking on an adventure on more demanding routes. Remember that, if you exceed the figures mentioned above, in that case the mandatory driving license will be B96 or B + E.


Always limit speed

Due to its dimensions, it is also important drive smoothly, avoiding sudden acceleration and braking in order to have the caravan as much stable as possible.At the same time, it is essential to respect speed regulations to avoid surprises such penalties or accidents. Specifically, for caravans weighing up to 3,500 kg, the General Traffic Regulation establishes that it is not possible to exceed 90 km / h on conventional roads, while it is allowed to reach 120 km / h on highways and motorways.


Park the caravan where is allowed

 Another of the most common questions from our clients is related to the parking of the caravan. Fortunately, we always answer the same thing: it is possible to park the caravan wherever it is allowed by the traffic regulations.In fact, a caravan is considered to be illegally parked when any of its elements protrudes outside the perimeter of the vehicle itself. Furthermore, at Nomad Caravaning, we also recommend parking it in places where there is no slope to prevent it from sliding. If you have no other option, you will have to use chocks on the wheels.


Inspect the conditions of the caravan

As should happen with any other vehicle , it is important to check some basic points such as the condition and pressure of the tires,brakes, fluids or the position of the mirrors before starting a route. In that sense, the ideal is to know the caravan as much as possible to take advantage of all its features. Remember to respect the environment in each and every one of your trips.


Once you have discovered some regulations and tips, at Nomad Caravaning we remind you that if you want to travel by caravan in Cádiz, , we have the experience and the best professionals to advise you on the rental of the most suitable model for you. Do not hesitate to contact us and send us any questions you may have about the rental of this type of vehicle and enjoy the freedom of movement, schedules and routes that they offer. Say yes to new adventures!